Observations and musings regarding life in Northern California.

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth. — Steve McQueen

The sun sets over oak trees where the foothills of the Sierra Nevada meet the San Joaquin Valley

Welcome to Nor Cal Ramblings. I have lived in Northern California for the better part of my life, say forty-plus years. I have been to every corner of the state, from Death Valley in the South to the Lava Beds in the North. I have backpacked Yosemite, snowboarded Kirkwood, scuba dived and kayaked in Monterey bay, explored caverns on the flank of Mt. Shasta, Fly-fished numerous streams and rivers in the Sierra Nevada, seen the giant Sequoias, explored Alcatraz and San Francisco, run steam locomotives in gold rush country and done a thousand other things, besides. Along the way I have married my soul mate, raised two sons, operated a Squab farm, bred sheep, flown airplanes, driven big rigs, and made a general nuisance of myself! I am going to use this space as a window into what it is like to truly live in Northern California, at least from my perspective. For those of you who may live in this part of the state you will likely find common ground with much of what I see and relay. For those of you who have never been to the Golden State you may find that your idea of California living is vastly different from the reality. For all of you I wish the warmest welcome and hope that you might learn a little about my home state and, if nothing else, gain a little insight into what it is like to live in Nor Cal. I think you will find that there is much more to California than Hollywood, surfing, and insane taxes! By and large my most fervent hope is for you to enjoy my misadventures and gain some entertainment whenever you choose to visit my site. – The Rambler

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